Save the Wild campaign to the school

Save the Wild campaign to the school

The project was undertaken to help protect the fauna of our environment, wherein students from KG to Grade 5 spread awareness about the need to save our wild animals that are endangered and on the verge of extinction.  The purpose of the project was to orient students to the plight of endangered species and to help them understand and gain perspective on human issues that continue to endanger species and threaten our global environment.  The project was dealt in two parts. The first part being understanding why some animals are endangered and the reasons behind it. The second part was to spread awareness in the school community to save them and suggest measures to protect these endangered animals.

The KG students learnt all about bears, celebrated a bear hug day brought bears and discussed all about different bears, why they are becoming endangered, and what can they do to save the bears.  They all inferred that it is good to shoot them with cameras, but not with guns.  The role play in the assemblies, Quiz pots and extensive research done by children of Grades 1 – 5, echoed the need to attend to the needs of the endangered animals worldwide.  The collages, creative write ups, collaborative projects, displays and posters made by children were displayed at a stall in the exhibition.  All the 5000 parents were invited to this exhibition and the message of protecting these endangered animals was spelt out loud and clear.

The eco ambassadors not only limited their ‘Save the Wild’ campaign to the school community but also extended it to the wide world by conducting skype conversations with other international and Indian schools doing similar environment projects.

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